Paid-Future Ops Online Premium v1.2.37 Download Apk

Game Servers:
– 64 Player Limit per Server.
– CTP, TDM and Survival MMO game modes.
– Co-op and Multiplayer.
– Air Vehicles.
– Zombies.

Dedicated Voice Servers:
– 8 Player Limit per Voice Group.
– Join voice chat servers any time, even without joining a game server.
– Join clan member’s and other player’s voice servers from their profile.

– 200 Player Limit per Clan.
– Create, Invite, Kick, Apply to Clan, Deny Applications.
– Clan Ranks with Promote / Demote.
– Clan Game Servers & Clan Voice Servers with Kick / Ban based on Clan Rank.
– Clan Profiles.

What’s New:
– Rebuilt Zombie Infested Mountains.
– Added Map “The Fire Station”
– Added Map “The Streets”
– Due to the MANY devices crashing with the last Graphics Upgrade, I had to remove the update, in order to support the loyal fans and paying users with low end devices.
– Fixed Helicopter Shooting and Flying.
– Added new HD Water.
– Improved performance.
– Faster Loading.
– Added Special Effects Back.

Download via Google Play:
Future Ops Online Premium on Google Play

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